TitleQuality Enhancement of Dried Snakehead Fish (Channa striata) by Supplementing Wine and Glycerol
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsNguyen, TNH, Thu, TTM, Hien, TTT
JournalJournal of Agriculture and Rural Development
Pagination74 - 84
Date Published2016
Keywordsapplication, farming systems, pellet, snakehead fish, trash

The quality and safety of dried snakehead sh (Channa striata) on the local markets in Vietnam could not be controlled recently. Therefore improvement of this former processing is necessary concerned and conducted in order to obtain high quality of dried sh products as well as long-term storage to meet the diversi ed consumer taste. The study aims not only to assess the properties of dried snakehead sh (with sucrose addition) based on supplementing wine (30%) and glycerol into sh muscle but also to enhance the quality of dried sh products. Total plate count, chemical indices, and organoleptic evaluation were recorded to exam the changes of dried snakehead sh corresponding to 1, 2 and 3% (w/w) of wine (30%) addition. Then, the e ects of adding glycerol (0, 1, 2, 3%, w/w) on dried snakehead sh with 2% of wine (w/w) were surveyed over a period of four weeks. As compared to the other treatments, addition of 2% (w/w) of glycerol and 2% (w/w) of wine (30%) to dried sh illustrated the highest sensory properties and the lowest parameters of total plate count, moisture content, water activity, peroxide value, total volatile base nitrogen in four weeks. In addition, these analyzed parameters were within acceptable limits. Therefore, the quality and safety of dried snakehead sh were obtained during storage time. The proximate composition of raw snakehead sh and dried products were also studied. The results showed that moisture, protein, lipid, ash and sodium chloride content of raw snakehead sh were 78.1, 18, 2.5, 1.14, 0.73% respectively, whereas those of dried products with wine and glycerol addition were 29.4, 58.9, 5.54, 5.49, 4.56%.

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