Asian Fisheries Society Launched a Gender in Aquaculture and Fisheries Section with Support from AquaFish

In February 2017, Asian Fisheries Society proudly launched Gender in Aquaculture and Fisheries Section, marking the first formal gender-affiliated section within a professional aquaculture or fisheries society.

Read All About It - AquaNews Summer Edition is Out!

Interested in AquaFish research progress on mobile phone technologies and implementation in Africa? Read about it and more in the Summer 2017 Issue of AquaNews!

Aquaculture Enthusiasts Gather for World Aquaculture 2017

AquaFish partners from Africa and beyond convene in Cape Town, South Africa, for annual World Aquaculture Society conference.

Educational Opportunity Network (EdOpNet) - July Edition

Educational Opportunity Network (EdOpNet) - July Edition

AquaFish Partners in the News!

Dr. Maria Celia Portella elected as the next World Aquaculture Society President, and Dr. Md. Abdul Wahab is recognized as a top five researcher in the Bangladesh Agricultural University Research System.

AquaFish Researchers Contribute to Report on Tilapia

AquaFish researchers contributed to publishing the (FAO) report titled, "Social and economic performance of tilapia farming in Africa."