AquaFish article published in the Feed the Future Newsletter

AquaFish researchers from Nepal's Agriculture and Forestry University established four school ponds and used them to train 121 students and eight teachers on how to manage ponds; fertilize, feed, and harvest fish; and prepare fish for consumption.

AquaFish publishes 2013-2015 Technical Report

The AquaFish Technical Report features research results of all investigations funded by AquaFish from 2013-2015.

Tilapia presents a healthy and tasty option for holiday meals

Besides offering a healthy option for the U.S. Thanksgiving table, tilapia — one of the most common fish farmed in aquaculture — could be a great addition to feasts and holiday tables around the globe.

AquaFish work on air-breathing fish aims to help small-scale farmers weather climate change

To help promote the development of climate-resilient aquaculture systems, AquaFish has explored the cultivation of air-breathing fish species, such as African lungfish.

AquaFish maintains long-standing commitment to gender integration

AquaFish has a long-standing commitment to create meaningful opportunities for both women and men in aquaculture and fisheries sectors.

The Coastal Women's Shellfish Aquaculture Development Workshop

This workshop is a part of work being conducted in Zanzibar and is one of the program's many efforts to increase women's involvement in and access to aquaculture technologies and resources.