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NOP 14-335 (English)
NOP 14-337 (English)
Hien, T. T. T. et al. 2014. Replacing fishmeal by some of soy protein sources in feed for snakehead (Channa striata). Can Tho University Journal of Science 1(Special Issue: Fisheries):310 - 318. Retrieved (
NOP 14-331 (English)(Vietnamese)
NOP 14-A04 (English)
NOP 14-333 (English)
NOP 14-A11 (English)
NOP 15-350 (English)
NOP 14-A18 (English)
NOP 14-A20 (English)
NOP 14-A09 (English)
NOP 14-A16 (English)
NOP 14-338 (English)
NOP 14-A14 (English)
NOP 13-316 (English)
NOP 13-A04 (English)
NOP 13-321 (English)
Duffy, T. A., M. E. Picha, R. J. Borski, and D. O. Conover. 2013. Circulating levels of plasma IGF-I during recovery from size-selective harvesting in Menidia menidia. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology - A Molecular and Integrative Physiology 166(2):222 - 227. Retrieved (
NOP 13-320 (English)
NOP 13-317 (English)
NOP 13-A09 (English)
NOP 13-322 (English)
NOP 13-A01 (English)
NOP 13-315 (English)
NOP 13-A02 (English)
NOP 13-A07 (English)
NOP 13-A05 (English)