May 18, 2008
Busan, Korea

Sunday, 18 May: CRSP Business Meeting [Agenda PDF]

0800-0830     CRSP Meeting Registration

0830-0900     Welcome and Introductions

0900-1000     AquaFish CRSP Program Update  

1000-1020     Coffee Break

1020-1200     Project Goals and Summary of Accomplishments

1200-1330     Invited Luncheon for CRSP Host Country Principle Investigators

1330-1445     Project Management - Second-Year Funding Allocations

1445-1530     Indicators 

1530-1545     Coffee Break

1545-1630     Other AquaFish CRSP Research and Outreach Activities

1630-1700     AquaFish CRSP Best Business Practices

1700-1730     A Consensus Position on Next Steps

1730              Adjourn 

1830              Dinner Reception

Monday, 19 May: AquaFish CRSP-Aquaculture CRSP Joint Meeting [Agenda PDF]

0800              Meeting Registration

0815-0830     Welcome and Introductions

0830-0900     AquaFish CRSP General Concept and Organization  

0900-1000     AquaFish Project Mini-Descriptions: Six Lead Research Projects

1000-1020     Coffee Break

1020-1040     AquaFish CRSP Central Projects

1040-1200     Open Item: Features of the ACRSP

1200-1220     Working Lunch Buffet

1220-1400     Roundtable Discussions over Lunch: Regional Centers of Excellence & Development Theme Advisory Panels

1400-1500     Development Theme Advisory Panel Reports

1500-1520     Coffee Break

1520-1600     Regional Centers of Excellence Reports

1600-1700     Adjourn 

1800              World Aquaculture Society Registration

19-23 May: World Aquaculture Society Meeting [Proceedings PDF]

Tuesday, 20 May: External Policy Advisory Council Meeting

0900-2100     EPAC Meeting [PDF]

Friday, 23 May: CRSP Meetings

0900-1200     AquaFish CRSP Mali Project Meeting [Agenda PDF

1300-1500     AquaFish CRSP Host Country Principle Investigator Exchange Project [Agenda PDF]