Feb 14 - 18, 2009
Seattle, Washington USA

Weeklong Agenda At-A-Glance [PDF]

Saturday, 14 February: CRSP Meetings

2000              No-Host Late Evening Social Hour

Sunday, 15 February: CRSP Business Meeting

0745-0815     CRSP Meeting Registration

0815-0830     Welcome and Introductions

0830-0900     AquaFish CRSP General Concept and Organization

0900-1030     AquaFish CRSP Project Mini-Updates: Six Lead Research Projects  

1030-1115     AquaFish CRSP entral Projects

1115-1130     AquaFish CRSP Capacity Building, Training, Gender Integration

1130-1200     Internal Technical Advisory Group Reports

1200-1330     Working Lunch - Lead Host Country Principle Investigator Luncheon

1330-1345     Report back to group with ideas for integrating projects 

1345-1500     Evaluating degree training opportunities and Outreach

1500-1530     Coffee Break

1530-1700     Book, Symposium discussion 

1700-1730     Other Business 

1730              Adjourn 

Monday, 16 February: Aquaculture America

0800              Aquaculture America registration and poster set-up

1330-1630     International Aquaculture Development for the Poor

Tuesday, 17 February: Aquaculture America

0900-1200     CRSP-Mali Project Meeting [PDF]

1330-1700     American Tilapia Association Meeting

Wednesday, 18 February: Aquaculture America

0730-1700     Aquaculture America sessions