Feb 27 - Mar 5, 2010
San Diego, California, USA

Weeklong Agenda At-A-Glance [PDF]

Saturday, 27 February: CRSP Meetings

1600-1700     External Policy Advisory Council Meeting

1745-1000     New Lead Principal Investigator Meeting

Sunday, 28 February: CRSP Business Meeting

0745-0815     CRSP Meeting Registration

0815-0830     Welcome and Introductions

0830-0900     AquaFish CRSP General Concept and Organization; 2009-11 Implementation Plan; USAID New Funds, News, and 4th Year Evaluation  

0900-1100     AquaFish CRSP Project Mini-Updates: Eight Lead Research Projects  

1100-1130     AquaFish CRSP Central Projects

1130-1200     Internal Technical Advisory Group Reports

1200-1330     Working Lunch - Regional Centers of Excellence

1330-1400     Working Lunch Report Out

1400-1420     AquaFish CRSP Capacity Building, Training, Gender Integration 

1420-1445     Success Stories and You. Working with the Media - helpful hints for telling your story 

1445-1500     Symposium discussion: Effects of Aquaculture on Biodiversity 

1500-1515     Coffee Break

1515-1545     Gender Integration: Addressing reviewer concerns; Discussion on how to improve all projects 

1554-1600     Farmer-to-Farmer Niche Program; Upcoming CRSP-sponsored Conferences; Development of Outreach Materials and Manuals

1700-1730     Other Business 

1730              Adjourn 

1800-2000     CRSP Evening Reception

Monday, 1 March: CRSP Meetings and World Aquaculture Society (WAS)

0800-1630     CRSP Impact Assessment Workshop for US and Host Country PIs and co-PIs - CRSP Media Workshop

1100-1630     CRSP Lead HC PIs Meeting

1730              WAS Registration 

Tuesday, 2 March: WAS

0830-1000     WAS Plenary and Award Ceremony

1730-1830     Poster Session

1800-2000     CRSP Host Country Participant Reception

1930-2130     WAS-CRSP Student Awards

Wednesday, 3 March: WAS

0830-1630     Optimizing Small-Scale Aquaculture for the Poor: A session in Honor of Dr. Yang Yi [Agenda]

1730-1830     Poster Session

1830              External Policy Advisory Council Meeting

1930              Aquaculture Without Frontiers Benefit Dinner

Thursday, 4 March: WAS

0700-1200     United Soybean Growers Association Meeting

0930-1230     CRSP-Mali Project Meeting

1100-1730     Water Quality - Non Shrimp Contributed

Friday, 5 March: WAS

0830-1730     International Association of Aquaculture Economics and Management

0830-1730     Tilapia Research and American Tilapia Association Update