18-23 April 2011
Shanghai, China

Weeklong Agenda At-A-Glance [PDF]

Monday, 18 April: CRSP Meetings

0800-1400     Impact Assessment and Research Discovery Workshop

0830-1400     Air Breathing Fishes Workshop [Proceedings]

1430-1520     External Policy Advisory Committee Preliminary Meeting

1530-1700     Project-Level Coordination Meeting for Training Activities Planned by CRSP in Africa 2011

1800-2100     Welcome Reception 

Tuesday, 19 April: CRSP Business Meeting

0745-2200     CRSP Business Meeting [Agenda]

0745-0800     Registration

0800-0815     Welcome, Introductions, and Agenda review 

0815-0900     Final-Year Considerations: Feed the Future, USAID 4th Year Evaluation, Q&A 

0900-0910     CRSP Statistics and Overview

0910-0930     Capacity Building Presentation: Long and Short-term, Gender, Planned Workshops

0930-1000     Reporting, Compliance, Development Themes Advisory Panels, USAID metrics and indicators, Website  

1000-1010     External Policy Advisory Committee Report: Summary from 2010 and 2011 focus

1010-1030     Best Short Success Stories

1030-1230     Project Summaries 

1230-1400     Working Lunch

1400-1500     Report Out on Lunch Discussion

1500-1530     Coffee and Tea Break

1530-1615     CRSP Closeout Steps, CRSP Future Plans, Feed the Future & USAID 4th Year Evaluation revisited 

1615-1645     CRSP Sponsored Meetings, Events; WAS Brazil; Workshops; Sarnissa  

1645-1730     Wrap up, Week-at-a-glance, and Additional Comments from EPAC, USAID, PIs and participants 

1830-2200     Banquet 

Wednesday, 20 April: AquaFish CRSP Meetings and Asian Fisheries and Aquaculture Forum (9AFAF)

0730-1900     Lead Host Country Principle Investigator Field Trip and Luncheon

0830-1000     “Fine Tuning your Message” Workshop

1200-1700     9AFAF Registration Starts; Exhibit and Poster Set Up

1700-1830     9AFAF Welcome Drinks

Thursday, 21 April: 9AFAF

0900-0945     9AFAF Opening Meeting with Chinese Dignitaries

0945-1245     Plenary Sessions 

1400-1800     9AFAF Sessions; Gender in Aquaculture and Fisheries; other symposia

1800-2200     9AFAF Forum Dinner, Awards and Cultural Program - AFS Gold Award in Honor of Yang Yi will be given

Friday, 22 April: International Symposium on Tilapia and Aquaculture (ISTA9) [Full Proceedings - PDF]

0830-0915     ISTA9 Keynote Address: Kevin Fitzsimmons

0930-1730     CRSP Technical Session: Accelerating Aquaculture Development in Poorer Countries

Saturday, 23 April: 9AFAF

0830-1730     9AFAF Meetings

1200-1400     USAID Advisory Lunch Meeting

1400-1540     9AFAF Session 15: Marketing & Globalization

Sunday, 24 April: 9AFAF

0830-1700      Post conference Field Trips