December 6-10, 2013
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Meeting Agenda - PDF

4-8 December: Arrival of Attendees

Monday, 9 December 

0800-0815     Registration

0815-0845     Regional Meeting Purpose and Introductions

0845-0900     New Phase II AquaFish Innovation Lab & Focus Areas for Asia

0900-1030     Discussion of 2013-2015 AquaFish Innovation Lab Projects

1030-1100     Coffee Break

1100-1200     Developing Synergies with other groups working in Asia (Regional Collaboration)

1200-1430     Working lunch and breakout groups - discussion on capacity building, technology development, impact assessment, and outreach

1430-1615     Report back

1630-1745     Coffee break and walk around IFREDI facility

1745-1800     Travel to Dinner Event

1800-2030     Dinner Event and presentations

Tuesday, 10 December

0800-0920     Project Reporting

0920-0930     Best technology from Phase I

0930-0945     Coffee Break

0945-1100     Agreement for synergistic activities

1100-1200     Quick working lunch and final comments