2018 AquaFish Innovation Lab Technical Meeting
Aquaculture America Conference

22 February 2018
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

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AquaFish Innovation Lab Technical Session (0830-1600)
AquaFish Innovation Lab Innovations for International Aquaculture (Within Aquaculture America)

Chair: Dr. Hillary Egna, AquaFish Innovation Lab Director and Lead Principal Investigator

Time Presentation Authors
0830-0845 Effect of different feeding strategies on growth performance and economic returns of Nile tilapia (O. niloticus) production in semi-intensive system Daniel Adjei-Boateng*, Anthony Aliebe, Nelson W. Agbo, Emmanuel A. Frimpong
0845-0900 Effect on iron-amino acid chelate supplemented fish feeds on growth performance of Nile Tilapia Oreochromis niloticus in an aquaponic system in Kenya Kenneth Rono, Julius O. Manyala*, David Lusega, Charles Ngugi, Kevin Fitzsimmons and Hillary Egna
0900-0915 Effects on nutritional conditioning on growth of Nile tilapia fry Courtney A. Deck*, Scott A. Salger, Kaniz Fatema, and Russell J. Borski
0915-0930 Digestibility and ammonia excretion rates of low-cost nursery diets for Nile tilapia Oreochromis niloticus fry Kwasi A. Obirikorang*, Maame E. Goode, Stephen Gyamfi, Regina E. Edziyie, Steve Amisah
0930-0945 Pellet feed improvements through vitamin C supplementation for snakehead fish Channa striata culture in Vietnam Tran Thi Thanh Hien, Pham Minh Duc*, Nguyen Van Khanh, Tran Thi Tuyet Hoa,  Tran Minh Phu and David A. Bengtson
0945-1000 Development of technique for mass production of housefly Musca domestica maggots Nazael A. Madalla*, Hezron Lugano, & Sebastian W. Chenyambuga
1000-1100 Break
1100-11:15 Effects of stocking density on fry survival and growth of sahar Tor putitora Narayan P. Pandit*, Jay D. Bista, Rahul Ranjan, Madhav K. Shrestha, and James S. Diana
1115-1130 Performance of domesticated (Vietnamese) vs. non-domesticated (Cambodian) snakehead Channa striata during weaning and growout Phanna Nen*, Phen Chheng, Nam So, Tran Thi Thanh Hien, Bui Minh Tam, Hillary Egna and David A. Bengtson
1130-1145 Aquaculture of African lungfish Protopterus aethiopicus in Uganda: Captive breeding and larval rearing J. Walakira*, C. Aruho, B. Kimera, E. Ganda, L. Nakasiga, J. Molnar, B. Readings and R. Borski
1145-1200 Potential for polyculture of tilapia Oreochromis nilotius and freshwater perch Anabas testudineus with pangasius catfish Pangasius hypopthalamus in the hyposaline waters of southern Bangladesh Zahid P. Sukhna*, M. Lokman Ali, S. Mahen Haque, M. Gias Uddin, M. Jabir Al Mehedi, and Russell Borski
1200-1215 Induced spawning of sahar Tor putitora in Terai region of Nepal Jay D. Bista*, Narayan P. Pandit, Rahul Ranjan, Madhav K. Shrestha, and James S. Diana
1215-1230 Consumer preferences and consumption patterns for fish in Uganda Halasi Gidongo Zech*, Hyuha Theodora Shuwu, Elepu Gabriel, Ekere William, Walekwa Peter, Molnar Joseph, Sloans Chimatiro Kalumba and Hillary Egna
1230-1400 Lunch
1400-1415 Do household fish ponds improve family nutrition? A study in Nepal James S. Diana*, N. P. Pandit, and Madhav Shrestha
1415-1430 Involving women in field-testing of a periphyton enhanced aquaculture system for nutrition security Sunila Rai*, Madhav Shrestha, James S. Diana and Hillary Egna
1430-1445 A school pond education program for creating awareness on aquaculture in Nepal Dilip K. Jha*, Narayan P. Pandit, Nabin B. Khanal, Ishori S. Mahato, Madhav K. Shrestha, James S. Diana, and Hillary Egna
1445-1500 Economic benefits of reduced inputs and polyculture of tilapia with major Indian carps Mst. Kaniz Fatema*, Md. Abdul Wahab, S. A. S. A.Tahmid, Amit Pandit, S. M. Masud Rana, Sagiya Sharmin Suchana, Tajmin Naher, Md. Faridujjaman, Shahroz Mahean Haque, Hillary Egna and Russell J. Borski
1500-1515 Sustainable pearl farming using new techniques of spat collectors in Zanzibar Narriman.S Jiddawi , Maria Haws*
1515-1530 Growth and production performance of air-breathing climbing perch Anabas testudenius and major carps in polyculture Shahroz Mahean Haque*, Askiur Rahman, Joythi Saha, TahminToma, Sadika Haque, Md. Abdul Wahab, Hillary Egna, and Russell J. Borski
1530-1545 Integration of mola Amblypharyngodon mola in prawn-carp gher farming systems to increase household nutrition and earnings for rural farmers in southwest Bangladesh Khandaker Anisul Huq*, Shikder Saiful Islam, Wasim Sabbir, Joyanta Bir, Shahroz Mahean Haque and Russell Borski

AquaFish INNOVATION LAB supported presentations in other Aquaculture American Sessions

Presentation Authors

The potential effect of aquaculture on the genetic purity of natural populations of Nile tilapia Oreochromis niloticus in Ghana

Gifty Anane-Taabeah*, Emmanuel A. Frimpong, and Eric Hallerman

Actor perspectives on aquaculture extension service provision in central and northern Uganda

Gertrude Atukunda*, Andrew E. State, Molnar J. Joseph and Peter Atekyer

Which author is which gender authorship position as a proxy for the status of gender in aquaculture literature

Morgan Chow*, Hillary Egna and Jevin West

Effect of consumption of complimentary traditional food on the growth and iron status of 6 to 15 months old Cambodian children in Preveng Province, Cambodia

Touch Bunthang, Corazon CV. Barba, Marites G. Yee, Erlinda I. Dizon, So Nam, Chheng Phen, Robert Pomeroy, Hillary Egna, and Wilma A. Hurtada
Supply chain analysis of carp in Terai, Nepal Sunila Rai*, Kamala Adhikari, Dilip K. Jha, and Ram B. Mandal

Forecasting farm-gate catfish prices in Uganda using SARIMA model

James O. Bukenya*, Kelvin Lule, Moureen Matuha, Theodora Hyuha and Joseph Molnar

Investigating the effects of different feed and probiotics on the survival and growth of goby Oxyeleotris marmorata (Bleeker, 1852) from 3-45 days old

Nguyen Phu Hoa*, Vo Phuong Tung, Nguyen Van Bao, Nguyen Van Tu

Recent advances in the culture of native marine species from the coast of Tabasco, Mexico

Contreras-García María J.*, Contreras-Sánchez Wilfrido, Mcdonal-Vera Alejandro, Cruz-Rosado Leonardo, Hernández-Franyutti Arlette, Hernández-Vidal Ulises, Martínez-García Rafael, González-González Guillermo, Heredia-Álvarez Rama K. Q., Ramón-Zapata Felipe, and Vázquez-Gómez Jenny
A review of over a decade of global investment in aquaculture feed technologies Jenna Borberg*, Stephanie Ichien, Amanda A. Hyman, Cole Ensminger and Hillary Egna

Tilapia aquaculture in Nepal: History from introductions to farmers ponds

Madhav K. Shrestha*, James S. Diana and Hillary S. Egna

Institutional and household factors in promoting the role of women in aquaculture value chain in Uganda

Gertrude Atukunda*, Joseph J. Molnar, Moureen Matuha, Theodora Hyuha, John Walakira, Safina Namatovu and Gertrude Abalo

Effect of salinity on the survival of pangasius catfish Pangasius hypothalamus in southern Bangladesh

Mohammad Lokman Ali*, S. Mahean Haque, M. A. Wahab, and Russell Borski

Feminization of Protandrous Hermaphrodites Centropomus poeyi into functional females using 17ß-estradiol

Juan Manuel Vidal-López, Wilfrido M. Contreras-Sánchez, Arlette Hernández-Franyutti, María de Jesús Contreras-García and María del Carmen Uribe-Aranzábal

Reducing off-flavour compounds geosmin and 2-methylisoborneol in tilapia through different cultivation technologies

LIU Liping*, ZHANG Kai, LI Kang, ZHOU Menghai, ZHAN Jia,LIANG Qinlang, WU Zongwen

An overview of the status and potential of the mud crab fishery in coastal Bangladesh: Prospect, strategies, approaches

Mojibar Rahman*, Shahroz Mahean Haque