TitleAquaculture carrying capacity of Stung Chinit Reservoir: A pilot project
Publication TypeNewspaper Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsBengtson, DA, Chheng, P, Puthearath, T, So, N
NewspaperCatch and Culture
Pagination58 - 60
Issue Date2015

Cambodia has plans to expand freshwater aquaculture, including in reservoirs (Fisheries Administration, 2011). Lakes and reservoirs represent commonly owned or used water bodies and are therefore subject to the “tragedy of the commons”, in which too many users can destroy the quality of the resource (Hardin, 1968). It is not unusual in Southeast Asia to see reservoirs in which aquaculture has grown beyond reasonable limits, with subsequent declines in water quality (e.g. the Cirata and Jatiluhur reservoirs in Indonesia, with tens of thousands of fish cages). [1st paragraph of introduction]

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NOP 15-A13 (English)