TitleAssessment of farmed tilapia value chain in Ghana
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsAnane-Taabeah, G, Quagrainie, KK, Amisah, S
JournalAquaculture International
Pagination903 - 919
Date Published2016
ISBN Number1049901599601
KeywordsAquaculture, Cost-benefit analysis, Factor evaluation matrix, opportunities, Strengths, threats (SWOT) analysis, Tilapia, weaknesses

The study assessed the value chain of farmed tilapia in Ghana. A survey conducted in 2012 provided data on key actors, flow of products and information, costs and margins, and relationship among actors. The study showed that all key actors in the value chain: input suppliers; fish farmers; traders; and food services had positive margins except fish farmers. Input suppliers accrued most of the margins generated along the chain. The performance of chain actors was assessed using a factor evaluation matrix, which showed that product offering may be the strength at each stage of the value chain. The efficiency and profitability of tilapia value chain in Ghana can be improved by having well-defined payment transaction with customers, persistent relationships with customers, and good information management such as keeping good records on costs and revenues. Fish farming could be more profitable if farmers reduced their variable costs, priced their fish using a cost plus or percentage markup approach, and adopted target marketing.

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NOP 15-351 (English)