TitleDevelopment of Sustainable Aquaculture Practices in Tabasco, Mexico Using Novel IAA Technology
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsMartinez-Garcia, R, Cifuentes-Alonso, MF, Botello, MAEstrada, Torres, ASLopez, Contreras-García, MJ, Macdonal-Vera, A, Gonzalez-Arevalo, E, Contreras-Sánchez, WM, Fitzsimmons, K
EditorLiu, L, Fitzsimmons, K
Conference NameBetter Science, Better Fish, Better Life Proceedings of the Ninth International Symposium on Tilapia in Aquaculture (ISTA 9)
Pagination151 - 157
Date Published2011
Conference LocationShanghai, China

The treatment and discharge of aquaculture effluent and resulting negative impacts on the environment remains a critical issue that is threatening the sustainable growth of the aquaculture industry. Three optimal sites has been selected to carry out IAA systems in order to deplete eutrophication, two indigenous communities, one from the highlands and other one from the wetlands were selected to produce agro and aqua products with the same amount of energy, also a demonstration system is building at UJAT. Part of our progress so far is: two workshops; the first one on integrated systems and the second one on bioflocs systems with more than 60 attendants among farmers, students and technicians. In Caridad Guerrero the highland indigenous community we have a 90% progress for the setting up phase, habanero pepper will be growth with Tilapia water effluents. In the wetland community there is a progress of 40% the group is already organize and training is given, the demonstration system at UJAT has a 30% progress, materials and instruments have been already purchased and the design was made. In overall the project suffered a delayed due to major flooding events in the region. Introduction

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