TitleDoes climate change matter for freshwater aquaculture in Bangladesh?
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsAhmed, N, Diana, JS
JournalRegional Environmental Change
Pagination1659 - 1669
Date Published2016
ISBN Number1011301508996
KeywordsAdaptation, Climatic variables, Fish culture, Pond ecosystem, Vulnerability

Freshwater aquaculture plays an important role in the economy of Bangladesh, providing food, income, livelihoods and export earnings. However, freshwater aquaculture in the Mymensingh area of north-central Bangladesh has been accompanied by recent concerns over climate change. Field survey revealed that different climatic variables including flood, drought, rainfall variation and temperature fluctuation have had adverse effects on pond-fish culture. These climatic variables have detrimental effects on the ecosystem of ponds and thus affect survival, growth and production of fish. Changes in climatic variables have adverse effects on fish reproduction, grow-out operation, parasite infestation and disease occurrence. Considering vulnerability to the effects of climate change on pond-fish culture, we propose adaptation strategies that need to be introduced to cope with the challenges.

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NOP 15-352 (English)