TitleEconomically feasible options for increased women participation in Kenyan aquaculture value chain
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsNdanga, LZB, Quagrainie, KK, Dennis, JH
Pagination183 - 190
Date Published2013
KeywordsAquaculture, Kenya, Value chain, Women

This paper used value chain analysis to determine economically viable opportunities for increased female participation in the aquaculture value chains in Kenya. The main opportunities for women are as fish marketers and as fish farmers, especially in the Western Province of Kenya. Fish marketing is economically more viable than fish farming with an overall benefit-cost ratio of over 1.00 while the benefit-cost ratios for fish farmers were less than 0.5. The western region had the strongest fish production sector compared to the Central Province and the Rift Valley and provides relatively better opportunities for women participation in fish production. In the Rift Valley Province, women could work as paid laborers on fish farms as this region showed the largest employment impact on the community from a growth in fish farming activities.

Notice of Publication Number

NOP 13-317 (English)