TitleImpacts of climate change on snakehead fish value chains in the Lower Mekong Basin of Cambodia and Vietnam
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsNavy, H, Minh, TH, Pomeroy, RS
JournalAquaculture Economics and Management
Date Published2017
KeywordsCambodia, climate change, snakehead aquaculture, Vietnam

The productive fisheries of the Lower Mekong Basin of Cambodia and Vietnam are essential to the food security and nutrition of 60 million people. Yet these fisheries, both culture and capture, are susceptible to the impacts of climate change. This article reports on a study undertaken to examine the vulnerability, as perceived by snakehead (Channa striata) fish farmers in Vietnam and fishers in Cambodia, to the impacts from climate change. Perceived impacts on various actors in the value chain are identified, as well as adaptation strategies currently being utilized and planned for the future. Recommendations are suggested to contribute to assisting snakehead farmers and fishers in adapting and preparing for the impacts of climate change.

Notice of Publication Number

NOP 16-364 (English)