TitleInvestigations of types of products from snakehead sh (Channa striata) and their production process in An Giang province.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsDai, BP, Thu, TTM, Hien, TTT
JournalCan Tho University Journal of Science
Pagination36 - 41
Date Published2014
Keywordsdry salted, salty, snakehead fish

This study aimed at investigating the types of products from snakehead fish and technological processes for manufacturing these products in An Giang province. It has three main contents including (i) production situation and technological processes for manufacturing the products; (ii) investigating types of products; (iii) trade situation in the markets and customer tastes for the products. The results showed that (i) relatively good technological processes and good quality products were almost from processing facilities that operated longer than 20 years. However, these facilities primarily produced by traditional methods which could only meet the requirement of domestic customers without reaching food safety and hygiene standards for export; (ii) products from snakehead fish primarily were dry salted snakehead fish and salty fermented snakehead fish; (iii) consumption of these products were at the medium level because of high price. Customers aged 30-40 liked eating salty fermented snakehead fish while customers aged 20-30 liked eating dry salted snakehead fish. When buying these products, customers payed attention to quality, safety, hygiene, brand name and price of the products.

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NOP 14-329 (English)(Vietnamese)