TitleLow-Cost Tilapia Production With Fertilization and Supplementary Feeding
Publication TypeMagazine Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsManyala, JO, Pomeroy, RS, Nen, P, Fitzsimmons, K, Shrestha, MK, Diana, JS
MagazineWorld Aquaculture Magazine
Issue Number1
Pagination43 - 46
Date Published2015

The production profits, improve of tilapia, like other The production profits, improve of tilapia, like other fed species, has been constrained by the cost of feeds, which can account for about 70 percent of the production costs of tilapia in several countries and regions (Bolivar et al. 2006, Elnady et al. 2010). There have been many attempts to replace expensive animal protein in tilapia feeds with plant protein sources, such as soybean meal, groundnut seed cake and others. Although animal protein replacement in tilapia profits, improve the supply of high quality fish protein to communities with limited food resources, and contribute to the overall growth of national aquaculture sectors. This article highlights the effects of combinations of fertilizers and feed on tilapia productivity in small earthen ponds. Experiments were conducted in Nepal, Cambodia and Kenya using a similar experimental design, stocking density and feeding regime.

Notice of Publication Number

NOP 15-A08 (English)