TitlePond Bottom Dryout , Liming
Publication TypeNewspaper Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsLi, L, Queiroz, JF, Boyd, CE
NewspaperGlobal Aquaculture Advocate
Pagination34 - 35
Issue Date2014

The main pond bottom soil management practices used in semi-intensive culture are pond dryout and liming between crops. These practices accelerate organic matter decomposition, neutralize soil acidity and destroy un-wanted organisms. Since most soils become too dry for microbial decomposition of organic matter within three weeks, there is little need to dry pond bottoms more than that period. Where bottom sediment is deep, remove it to facilitate dryout. Ponds with soil pHs below 7.5 should be limed to enhance decomposition.

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NOP 14-A19 (English)