TitlePrice integration in the farmed and wild fish markets in Uganda
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsBukenya, JO, Ssebisubi, MB
JournalFisheries Science
Pagination1347 - 1358
Date Published2014
KeywordsAfrican catfish, price linkages, price transmission, supply chain

This paper looks at price integration in the aquaculture and wild-harvested African catfish market channels in Uganda. The issue of integration between the two market channels is important because African catfish has become an important traded species in Uganda with exports to regional markets rising even faster than production, yet limited research has been undertaken to understand price formation in the supply chain. The analysis draws on monthly price data from January 2006 to August 2013, and applies threshold auto-regressive approaches to test for the existence of a long-run relationship and price asymmetry and to determine the time path needed for shocks to be transmitted from one market channel to the other. The results show that, over the studied period prices in both market channels are linked in the long-run, implying that farm-raised catfish forms part of the same market as wild-harvested catfish in the country. The findings have strong implications for aquaculture producers and artisanal fishers as they can serve as a basis for more efficient farm management and marketing decisions.

Notice of Publication Number

NOP 14-335 (English)