TitleRelevance analysis of organic pollutants parameters in ponds of Litopenaeus vannamei culturing
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsGen-ding, Y, Min, J, Bin, X, Xi-lin, D, De-ping, G, Wei-guo, H
JournalFreshwater Fisheries
Pagination67 - 69
Date Published2010

Organic contents in fourteen ponds of a Litopenaeus vannamei culturing farm in Fengxian District of Shanghai were investigated during two aquaculture cycles from April to September in 2009. Total organic carbon(TOC), Chemical oxygen demand(CODMn), and Biological oxygen demand (BOD5) were analyzed respectively. The results showed that BOD5 were (8.62±3.08)mg/L and (10.47±3.87) mg/L in the two cycles of April to July and July to September respectively, CODMn were (13.09±3.98) mg/L and (16.16±6.07) mg/L,while TOC were (17.60±5.91) mg/L and (20.32±6.07) mg/L.TOC/CODMn were 1.35±0.22 and 1.32±0.30, and TOC/BOD5 were 2.10±0.44 and 2.08±0.63, while BOD5/ CODMn were 0.66±0.13 and 0.65±0.11. Significant relationships lied among the three water quality parameters. Linear regression equations and related coefficients were as follows. In cycle 1: BOD5 = 0.4174 TOC + 1.2777, r = 0.8022. CODMn = 0.5616 TOC + 3.2091, r = 0.8342. BOD5 = 0.6264 CODMn + 0.4209, r = 0.8106. In cycle 2: BOD5 = 0.4764 TOC + 0.7902, r = 0.7480. CODMn = 0.7941 TOC + 0.0237, r = 0.7962. BOD5 = 0.568 CODMn + 1.2912, r = 0.8920. The results showed that the equations established among TOC, COD and BOD5 could be used to calculate the other two parameters if anyone of them had been measured so that further comparison with some water quality standards or correlated researches could be carried out, which would benefit water quality management and healthy culturing of L. vannamei.

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NOP 10-A04 (English)