TitleResearch on artificial seawater quality in the Penaeus vannamei larval breeding ponds
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsQu, R, Jiang, M, Li, S
JournalGuangdong Agricultural Science
Pagination120 - 123
Date Published2012
Keywordsartificial seawater, larva breeding, Litopenaeus vannamei, penaeus vannamei, Water quality

In order to overcome the losses caused by long-distance transportation, we try to use artificial seawater for Penaeus vannamei larval breeding locally. In 2011, we added seawater crystal and coarse salt to the natural freshwater from adjacent river for Penaeus vannamei larval breeding in Fengxian district of Shanghai. During the breeding period, we monitored water quality everyday and the results were as following: DO was 7.3(±0.10) mg/L, pH was 8.00(±0.04), temperature was 28.2(±0.20)°C, PO4–P was 0.88(±0.14) mg/L, TP was 1.46(±0.14) mg/L, NO2-–N was 0.21(±0.02) mg/L, NO3-–N was 1.52(±0.10) mg/L, TNH4–N was 2.88(±0.34) mg/L, TN was 7.01(±0.36) mg/L, and CODMn was 18.05 (±1.40) mg/L. Biological and chemical methods were used for water quality control to create a good environment for larval growth.

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NOP 12-312 (English)