TitleSurvey of fish consumption by women and children in An Giang province
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsHien, HV, Quyen, NTK, Phu, TM, Hien, TTT, Duc, PM
JournalJournal of Vietnam Agricultural Science and Technology
Pagination106 - 112
Date Published2018
ISBN Number1847281982
Keywordschildren, Fish consumption, survey, Women

The aim of this study is to assess amount of food and energy provided within 24 hours for women and children and to analyze the role of food fish for daily consumption. The study was conducted from January to November 2017 in An Giang province by interviewing 300 women and 300 children in the dry and wet seasons. The study found that women’s daily dietary intake in dry and wet seasons was 750.3 g/day (1,411.8 kcal) and 780.6 g/day (1,403.5 kcal), respectively. For children, daily food intake in dry and wet seasons was 683.1 g/day (764.7 kcal) and 616.5 g/day (983.7 kcal), respectively. Food fish consumption by women accounted for 18.1-18.8% in quantity (10.9 - 12.8% in energy). For children, food fish products constituted 9.5 - 9.8% in quantity (6.8 - 9.3% in energy).

Notice of Publication Number

NOP 18-392 (English)