AquaFish Innovation Lab Provides Sponsorship and Student Support for the International Institute of Fisheries Economics & Trade Conference

Two students were awarded best student papers on the economics of aquaculture in developing countries.

AquaFish Innovation Lab supports the Aquaculture Network of East Africa

The AquaFish Innovation Lab provided support for and participated in a workshop in 2018 to formalize and develop structure for the Aquaculture Network of East Africa

AquaFish Innovation Lab Releases 2016-2018 Technical Report

The report features findings from over 30 lines of research in 9 countries.

Educational Opportunity Network (EdOpNet) - Last Edition

Educational Opportunity Network (EdOpNet) - June Edition

AquaFish Innovation Lab Successful in Using Alternative Feed Strategies in Nepal

AquaFish Innovation Lab researchers use periphyton enhancement structures to decrease reliance on commercial feed.

AquaFish Innovation Lab Researchers Use Alternative Protein Sources for Fish Feed

AquaFish Innovation Lab researchers use alternative protein sources in fish feed to decrease costs of aquaculture and negative environmental impacts.