AquaFish Innovation Lab Researchers Contribute to Report on Tilapia

AquaFish researchers contributed to publishing the (FAO) report titled, "Social and economic performance of tilapia farming in Africa."

Educational Opportunity Network (EdOpNet) - June Edition

Educational Opportunity Network (EdOpNet) - June Edition

AquaFish Innovation Lab Researchers “Fishing for Information” in Uganda

Ugandan newspaper featured AquaFish research on using cell phone applications (apps) to improve information exchange for fish farmers.

AquaFish Innovation Lab Contributions to International Education and Research

AquaFish Innovation Lab is transforming the way students in Africa and Asia are learning by establishing research infrastructure, turning universities into leaders in sustainable aquaculture science.

AquaFish Innovation Lab Staff and Partners Interviewed by Makerere University in Uganda

AquaFish Innovation Lab was able to highlight some of the major accomplishments of AquaFish-funded research to increase nutrition and incomes in Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

Educational Opportunity Network (EdOpNet) - May Edition

Seeking summer opportunities? Check out jobs, internships, conferences and more in the May edition of EdopNet!