Aquaculture and fisheries play integral roles in the health and livelihoods of many coastal and inland communities globally. The AquaFish Innovation Lab works to build capacity in aquaculture and support people and communities who rely on fish for income and nutrition.

A primary component of the AquaFish Innovation Lab's work involves gender integration, which is essential for the growth of the aquaculture and fisheries sectors.

The AquaFish Innovation Lab has a long-standing commitment to create meaningful opportunities for both women and men in these sectors. This includes creating equitable access to assets and opportunities such as water resources, financial capital, knowledge of new production systems and skills, markets outside of regional gender boundaries, and participation in stakeholder groups and meetings.

To read more about gender integration in aquaculture, see our brochure online. Additionally, this year (2016), the AquaFish Innovation Lab and its partners have presented a number of talks and posters at professional conferences about gender-related topics. Read more about closing the gender gap in aquaculture as a means to improve global nutrition, examine gender authorship in aquaculture journals, and explore the relationship between gender and disaster management online.