The AquaFish Innovation Lab (AquaFish) hosted an exhibit at Oregon State University's (OSU) 2017 University Day Expo. University Day is an annual tradition at OSU intended to celebrate, showcase, and reward university colleges, departments, faculty and staff for their dedication and commitment to the university and beyond. The Expo provides colleges and departments an opportunity to come together, feature their work, and network among their peers. 

AquaFish Innovation Lab staff engaged with participants from a variety of departments highlighting AquaFish Innovation Lab-funded aquaculture research projects. The AquaFish Innovation Lab exhibit lured visitors using an AquaFish Innovation Lab-themed Plinko game that tested their knowledge of aquaculture and fisheries. Participants were excited to learn more about aquaculture and the AquaFish Innovation Lab's projects working to address food security, nutrition, and poverty in developing countries.