AquaFish Innovation Lab (AquaFish) hosted a booth at the 17th annual Community Fair on 25 April 2017 as part of Oregon State University's (OSU) two week “Beyond Earth Day” celebration. AquaFish Innovation Lab joined more than 40 local organizations focusing on holistic approaches to sustainability at the fair. AquaFish Innovation Lab staff were able to engage with OSU staff and students and discuss AquaFish Innovation Lab-funded research focusing on sustainable aquaculture practices, including strategies related to aquaculture pollution reduction strategies through pond water reuse after harvest, climate change adaptation, and the production of more efficient feeds to reduce waste and cost to farmers. The AquaFish Innovation Lab table featured a AquaFish Innovation Lab-themed Plinko game that challenged visitors to answer trivia questions related to aquaculture and fisheries. The trivia questions allowed participants to test their knowledge and learn new facts about aquaculture. After answering a series of questions, one student responded, “Wow, I just learned three new facts about aquaculture!”