Congratulations to AquaFish Innovation Lab partners Robert Pomeroy from the University of Connecticut and Hap Navy from the Inland Fisheries Research and Development Institute in Cambodia on their recent award from the Editorial Board of the Journal of the World Aquaculture Society. Their article titled, “Linkages and Trust in the Value Chain for Small-scale Aquaculture in Asia” was selected as the Journal's Best Paper for 2017 in the "Review" Category.

The article, published in August 2017, explores constraints and opportunities for traders and small-scale producers through several case studies in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, and the Philippines. The case studies show that both formal and informal linkages are important in such value chains and that, in most cases, those further up the chain, such as wholesalers, hold the power in the value chain. Read more about the article here.

Pomeroy and Navy conduct AquaFish Innovation Lab work in Cambodia and Vietnam focused on guidance and recommendations for snakehead culture and aquatic resource management among other areas. You can read about their work on the AquaFish Innovation Lab’s Research Reports page.

Congratulations again to Robert Pomeroy, Hap Navy, and their co-authors on their recent award. AquaFish Innovation Lab is honored to work with such innovative researchers dedicated to improving the management and economics of aquaculture.