The Aquaculture Network of East Africa (ANEA) was formed in 2015 to promote aquaculture best practices and exchange of information among aquaculture professionals in Eastern Africa. In 2018, the AquaFish Innovation Lab provided support for and participated in a workshop to formalize and develop structure for ANEA.

The Workshop, held in Arusha, Tanzania, 27-30 June 2018, highlighted regional aquaculture priorities and international linkages. To formalize ANEA, a constitution was adopted, strategic and development plans were created, and a website was established. AquaFish Innovation Lab partners Sebastian Chenyambuga and Julius Manyala serve as the Chairman and Secretary of ANEA, respectively.

Twenty-two delegates from academic institutions and government agencies in Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania were joined by three partner organizations - AquaFish Innovation Lab, East African Community Headquarters, and North Carolina State University for the Workshop. In addition to discussing the structure of ANEA, participants toured nearby aquaculture sites within the Arusha District.

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