As AquaFish Innovation Lab partners in the U.S. prepare to celebrate their Thanksgiving holiday — one marked by family and feasting — we have some recipes celebrants might like to try to shake up the traditional holiday fare of turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing. Plus, it’s not a bad idea for Thanksgiving weekend meals, when you might be oh-so-done with leftover turkey.

How about some tilapia fillets with a cucumber-radish relish, or a couple of grilled tilapia options? Can we tempt you with tilapia that's blackened or sautéed with parmesan?

Check out these and other tasty recipes in our "Enticing Tilapia Entrees" cookbook.

Besides offering a healthy option for the U.S. Thanksgiving table, tilapia — one of the most common fish farmed in aquaculture — could be a great addition to feasts and holiday tables around the globe.

With its increased popularity as an cultured species worldwide, tilapia is helping to improve nutrition, health and income in developing countries. It's one of several aquatic species AquaFish Innovation Lab researchers have explored in an effort to support development of aquaculture worldwide, with an eye especially toward enriching the livelihoods and health of small-scale fish farmers.

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