To recognize students, staff, and faculty as a team or individuals for outstanding efforts to enhance diversity and inclusion in the college or university that have a significant impact on the college. Presentation of this award will serve to highlight the importance of efforts to recognize equity, inclusion, and civil discourse as core values of the College of Agricultural Sciences, and to acknowledge the importance of diversity to developing solutions that more effectively serve all of humanity. [1]

The College of Agricultural Sciences Diversity Commitment Award is a faculty recognition team award for work towards diversity and equity. It rewards each team member with a certificate for their individual commitment and awards $4,000 to the entire team for their commitment to the aforementioned goals.

The following AquaFish Innovation Lab team members were awarded:

  • Hillary Egna
  • Ford Evans
  • Jenna Borberg
  • Kat Goetting
  • Stephanie Ichien
  • Claire Schrodt
  • Cole Ensminger
  • Ethan Colvert
  • Morgan Chow
  • Margaret McCormick
  • Aleah Dew


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