The Honorary Life Award is the most prestigious award from aquaculture’s flagship professional organization in the US and worldwide. The award was presented at the plenary of the February 2013 WAS conference in Nashville, which was attended by over 3000 people. An article about the award appeared in the WAS journal Vol. 44 No. 2, June 2013, by J. Hargreaves, which you can read here.

THE HONORARY LIFE AWARD may be conferred upon any living individual who has made a longstanding and significant contribution in some field of aquaculture.  Candidates for the award may be nominated by any member of the society by submission of the name and supporting documents to the Honors Chairman.  The onus of documenting the candidate's qualifications for this award lies with the individual who nominates the candidate.  The nomination must be ratified by a two thirds vote of the Board. [1]

WAS lists winners of this award back to its inception in 1969. As of this writing., Hillary is the first and still the only woman to have won this award in 50 years.


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