The graduate research of Kenyans, Cecilia Muthoni Githukia, Carolyne Musyoki, and Anthony Mwangi Muthoni, was highlighted in a three-part student profile published in the Summer 2012 issue of AquaNews (see pg. 8). Cecilia, Carolyne, and Anthony conducted their graduate research under the mentorship of long-time AquaFish Innovation Lab partner, Dr. Charles Ngugi. With the help of Dr. Ngugi, the AquaFish Innovation Lab has remained connected with these students and would like to take this opportunity to provide updates on these remarkable AquaFish Innovation Lab alumni.

Cecilia completed her Bachelor’s degree from Moi University, Eldoret, Kenya in 2009, and then returned, with AquaFish Innovation Lab support, to earn her Master’s degree in Aquaculture in 2012. Cecilia’s graduate work required her to travel to fish farms to train farmers, enabling her to gain necessary experience to jump-start her career in aquaculture. “During my [graduate] work, I developed a desire to work in a research institute to [better] understand the dynamics of fish farming with an aim of helping farmers to get maximum profits from [their] ventures,” she said. Cecilia is fulfilling her desire, as she now works as a research scientist at the Kenya Marine Fisheries Research Institute located in Mombasa.

Carolyne earned a Masters of Science in Fisheries Resource Management, supported by the AquaFish Innovation Lab, at the University of Nairobi. Prior to that, Caroline graduated with her Bachelors of Science in Agricultural Economics and Resource Management at Moi University in 2008. Carolyne became interested in aquaculture because it "has great potential in providing solutions to major challenges facing the country, like food insecurity, poverty, unemployment, poor nutrition among others." With her graduate work complete, Carolyne looks forward to being part of the aquaculture sector, which is giving hope to Kenyans for a more food secure future. 

Working in aquaculture, Anthony is able to combine his love for fish with his passion for math, science, and commerce. Anthony earned his Bachelor’s degree in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences from Moi University in 2010 and expects to graduate from Kenyatta University in December 2017 with his AquaFish Innovation Lab-supported Master’s degree in Fisheries Sciences. Currently, Anthony is the aquaculture manager at two fish farms, the Mwea Fish Farm, located in Kimbrimbi and the Makindi Fish Farm located in Thika. “As a consultant and trainer, I’ve been able to train hundreds of fish farmers and helped [start] more than 10 commercial fish farms and hatcheries,” he said. He is grateful for the valuable research experience he gained through the AquaFish Innovation Lab and looks forward to further contributing to the development of the aquaculture industry in Kenya.

The AquaFish Innovation Lab is thrilled to see these students succeeding in their aquaculture careers. Be sure to visit the AquaFish Innovation Lab Student Legacy page to read more about our current students and alumni!